About Us

We envision MBL Solutions not only benefiting our clients but also making positive contributions to the communities in which they operate.

Customized Approach

Return to the understanding that each loan is a unique situation for both the borrower and the lending institution. By providing personal and customized attention to each loan, we can ensure that we evaluate projects in the best interest of our clients and their borrowers, all while adhering to both client and regulatory policies.

Community Involvement

Actively engage with the communities where we and our clients operate. This involvement will range from my personal investment in my local area of East Tennessee to making donations to local charities in the regions where our clients are headquartered.

Culture of Giving Back

Establish a company culture and internal policies that emphasize giving back and community involvement. This includes initiatives such as providing unlimited paid time off for volunteering at community events.

AJ Ricketts, CCO

AJ Ricketts, founder and Chief Credit Officer, has 15+ years of experience in commercial loan operations, ranging from the beginning of the loan lifecycle in processing to the closing, boarding, and servicing stage of the loan. However, the last 10+ years has been focused on the credit analysis portion of the lending cycle with a determination to perfect the process.

Most recently, AJ spent the last 8 years as the Chief Credit Officer of another firm where he was able to speak to various credit unions and community banks regularly. That experience awakened a particular goal for AJ, to reintroduce the community banking feel to the credit analysis process. From that goal and for that purpose, MBL Solutions was formed.

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