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We believe that honesty is the foundation upon which all other aspects of our business are built. That is why we provide a free review of every project sent to us.


Related to honesty, we aim to be transparent to our clients in all aspects: transparency in pricing, transparency in capacity, and transparency in credit philosophy.


We embrace the community aspect of Community Banking by giving back where we do business. Check out the “How We Give Back” section to learn more.

New Commercial Loan Underwriting & Annual Reviews

The core strength of our team at MBL Solutions is quality credit analysis, both at initial underwriting and annual review. We collaborate closely with clients to tailor our services to their needs and policies. Our comprehensive loan packages include:

Participation Underwriting & Analysis

Purchasing and selling a portion of Commercial Loans has become an effective way for financial institutions to either grow or shrink their Commercial loan portfolio. For the buyer, it is important to treat each opportunity similar to an organic loan opportunity in terms of credit analysis. Key features of our loan participation package include:

Independent Loan & Portfolio Review

MBL Solutions specializes in providing third party credit reviews, a service recommended or required by federal and state auditors no matter whether the institution utilizes a third-party vendor or an in-house credit team. MBL Solutions collaborates with clients to offer a reliable third-party review, tailoring the review to specific client needs. The key points of each review include:

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